Interstellar Slipstreams

Interstellar Slipstreams

Another one of my favourite Cosmic Creations because of the colour combinations. A close friend of mine purchased this from me and I really enjoy seeing it every time I pop round to her place.

Using acrylic pouring medium with water directly onto the canvas I dripped a combination of inks, fluid acrylic and watery resene metallic paints and left it to dry. The result looked completely different from how I imagined it would be… it was better in fact. But it was the analogous colour scheme of blues, pinks and purples that my friend was drawn to and it now hangs with several of my earlier paintings in her lovely home. I’m very proud.

Project Details

  • Canvas

  • Variety of acrylic paints

  • 100cm (W) x 60cm(H)

  • SOLD