Metallic paints, watercolour and mixed media on paper. A3 – size 30cm(W) x 42cm(H).

One of my first ever celebrity portraits…. I was listening to her album as I was painting this portrait of Lorde and I just loved this snapshot of her from the video. It’s dark, moody and enigmatic.

Interesting backstory ……… hubby popped up to Deco in Titirangi to catch up with some friends and called me about 20 mins later saying something like ‘ you know, if you hadn’t recently done a ¬†painting of her I wouldn’t have recognised her at all ….but I think Lorde is eating in the restaurant !!’….. I thought ‘yeah right – what would Lorde be doing in sleepy little Titters ?’— but I had to see for myself and would have kicked myself if we missed this opportunity. So I grabbed my daughter and we drive up to the village. And yes indeed the gorgeous singer was there dining with her manager —

We waited politely for her to come up and pay and then asked for a photo with her, which she so kindly obliged. Beautiful young lady – inside and out.


Project Details

  • Top grade watercolour paper.

  • Watercolours and metallics, inks.

  • A3 - 30cm(W) x 42cm(H).

  • $345