The Frosts

Courtney, the gorgeous girl in this portrait was in Lynn Mall one day supping on her coffee – unaware that I was trying to draw her. When she got up the sketch was only 1/2 done so I asked her timidly if I could take a photo of her — adding quickly that I was an artist and not a mad stalker !! Very surprised and some what hesitantly she said yes. I had that photo in my phone for a while and never got  around to finishing the drawing — UNITL about a year later she contacted me and asked me to do a montage like  portrait of her and hubby to be.  They gave me plenty of artistic license asking only for the quote from the bible to be included in the painting.  It hangs pride of place in their lounge along with the stylised drawing I finally finished of Courtney.

Cost of commission – $ 350

Size A2.

Project Details

  • 300gsm watercolour paper.

  • Watercolour and mixed media.

  • 60cm (W) x 42cm (H)

  • n/a