Beguiling Bookmarks – Cosmic Funnies collection2


Beguiling Bookmarks – Cosmic Funnies collection2


Hand crafted resin bookmarks.

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These colourful and mesmerizing bookmarks will have you daydreaming for hours.  Made with tinted resin  and hand painted with metallic paints  then glazed with a gorgeous glossy finish.  Each side is just as appealing and unique making them the perfect little gift for that ‘impossible to buy for’ person.

They can be customised with a beautiful message of love,  an educational or inspirational quote or just a funny anecdote on life, love and Covid !!.  Just what you need as a subtle ‘pick me up’ in today’s unpredictable world.  Quotes read as below;-

  1. So, you’re staying inside, practicing social-distancing, over-eating and cleaning yourself ?- Congrats, you’ve become a house cat.   — SOLD
  2. I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.
  3. Whatever you do Marty, DON’T go to 2020 ! — SOLD
  4. “13′ – ‘I’m the worst number in the world. “666” -‘That’s cute!.  “2020”- ‘Hold my beer……’
  5. Me – ‘This show is Boring !. Boss – ‘Again, this is a Zoom conference.’ – SOLD
  6. I survived the great Toilet Paper scare of 2020 !!
  7. 2020 needs to just pull over and let me out……….. I’ll walk.
  • ‘Special promotional price of just $15 not including postage. Or buy 3 for just $35 as perfect handmade stocking fillers !

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