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Five in Flight


Alcohol ink on Yupo paper. Size 34cm(W) x 48cm(H)


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A new technique trending at the moment is Alcohol Ink Art. These gorgeous fluid effects are created with alcohol based inks on a synthetic feel paper (not cheap by the way) and then moved around the paper with a hair dryer or by blowing through a straw. I’ve tried both  techniques and blowing creates little mini imperfections due to the water molecules  in your mouth so hair drying the ink around gets a cleaner finish. It’s not a method easy to control but would you want to ?? Isn’t that the point of experimenting ?

I think this technique does resemble the feeling of clouds so this was a conscious effort to create storm clouds. The birds just reiterate that it could be a storm scene. But what I most love about this technique is that each piece is entirely unique and can never be repeated as there is little control on how the inks move around the paper.


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