In My Own Headspace

In My Own Headspace



Mixed media on canvas. Size 122cm x 122cm square.


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The latest in my series of Cosmic Creations and also the largest. It has just been  exhibited at the Greater Auckland Art, Sculpture and Photography Awards at Corbans in West Auckland. From there it will return home if unsold and hang proudly forever in our lounge. There are a couple of paintings that I would want to keep forever and this is one of them.

It was created with Interference paints, Resene metallics and other light reflective pigments. Some of these paints actually change colour in the light and you have walk around the painting to see these effects. In the top left corner I poured acrylic pouring medium mixed with water onto the canvas and dripped colour into it. The colours intermingled and bled into each other and dried as a light transparent glaze. I worked over the top of the glazed area to create the effect of gases diffusing into each other. The deep magenta and green area of the image I also did in the same technique but with stronger pigments so it would not dry as a glaze but more of a solid yet fluid mass. I tried very hard not to be too literal with the paint application as I really wanted a spontaneous affect and hence it was extremely rewarding to complete.


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