Nothing Stranger…..

Nothing Stranger…..


Mixed media painting on canvas. Size 87cm(W) x 128cm(H).


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Large original painting of the Stranger Things cast.

This has been my most challenging portrait to date. My daughter got me into watching  the Stranger Things series (initially as vetting the scariness of it all !!) and I became hooked on the show.  I started drawing the cast and characters by hand but due to time constraints I had to resort to adding the faces onto the canvas by transfer and reworking them with paint. ‘Eleven’s’ face is the original pencil drawing collaged into the work and sealed so I can add gold leaf.  This piece of artwork is probaly 50 hrs+ of painting time and about 30 hrs of research.  Painting the Mindflayer was incredibly fun but I was very nervous about the result as I did not have a back up canvas and was really cutting it fine to complete the portrait by the release of Season 3 earlier this year.— phew, mission accomplished.

Limited edition digital uploads available only- upto 20. Original painting will have to be dismounted and posted by tube if sold. —


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