GreenGold Lagoon Reversible Pendant and Earring set

GreenGold Lagoon Reversible Pendant and Earring set



Hand crafted  jewellery set.



Created with inks in resin, metallic and pearlescent paints these enticing pieces of jewellery are entirely unique and can never be re-produced.

Pendant is mounted on a black swede choker which can be tied to any length the pendant is just over 1″ wide  and is approximately 2″ high. But you get 2 pendants in 1 price as it is beautifully reversible. Shown here  as one option for the front but it can be worn the other way  featuring another unusual design aspect.  Colour matching earrings are mounted flat side out on gold hoops but can also be reversed by opening the jump ring and switching the hoops. Earrings are approx 1″ in diameter.

Price $85 for the set.

Free shipping in NZ.


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