Katy Perry


Digital and hand drawn artwork. A3 – Size 30cm(W) x 42cm (H).


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What I love about female musicians especially is the way they keep re-inventing themselves. Madonna was the Queen of that reinvention but this image of Katy Perry with her colourful eyeshadow really   tempted me to recreate her portrait. She has the world in her hands – literally and the galaxy behind. A massively inspiring music icon with the prettiest of eyes. !!

Not yet super confident with the smudge tools in Photoshop I did her eyes and face in coloured pencil as well as her red silk sash then edited the background and the earth into the image. Her hair was originally black but being superfluous to her eyes I didn’t focus on that too much so as not to distract from that enticing stare.

Because this image was edited in Photoshop is it only available as a download – not as a physical painting. Only a limit of 20 downloads are available.


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