Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish. Mixed media on  paper. Size A3 – 30cm(W) x 42cm(H).


My latest watercolour sketch of the altruistic and alluring Billie Eilish. I used metallic Daniel Smith watercolours which are so light reflective and irridescent when looking at the portrait from the side. Then a combination of coloured pencil on her lips and black bic working in to the shadows.

I used to sketch in pen using cross hatching to create the shading quite  a bit as a kid and had forgotten how liberating and expressive it was. Also the fact that it is quite a ‘toothed’ mixed media paper which doesn’t allow for the very gentle grading of shading you try to achieve with a black pencil on smooth paper such as the Fabriano Bristol paper that I used for Pink and Katy Perry



Project Details

  • Fabriano mixed media paper

  • Watercolour, black biro, acrylic paint.

  • A3

  • $320.00