Beguiling Bookmarks -Rainbow Rants 1-7


Beguiling Bookmarks -Rainbow Rants 1-7


Handcrafted resin bookmarks.

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A selection of  divinely inspired bookmarks made with resin, alcohol inks and metallic paints.

At  no extra cost I can customise them with something very personal such as an inspirational quote, something educational , a touching message of love or support or an amusing anecdote about life, love and of course how can we forget ? —Covid. If you’re anything like me you may find catharsis in funny anecdotes about 2020 and the demonic pandemic raging around the world at the moment. The perfect gift idea for that ‘impossible to buy for’ person !!  Quotes read as below ;-

  1. Physically we are in Sept 2020 – emotionally I’m still processing March……..
  2. When this is all over – remember to carry on social distancing yourself from people who drain the $&!% out of you !
  3. Life would so much easier if I could mark people as “SPAM” !
  4. The longer I stay home the more homeless I look.
  5. Somedays I amaze myself, – other days I put the keys in the fridge. —  SOLD
  6. Word Of The Day – EXHAUSTIPATED (adj) – Too tired to give a $&!% !
  7. 2020 – 1/5 stars — Total Crap — would NOT recommend.

Special promotional price of just $13 each not including postage. Or buy 3 for just $30 as they make perfect  stocking fillers !

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