A Wrinkle in Time

Mixed media on canvas panel board. Size with frame – 90cm(W) x 59cm(H) Frame is a matte finish 2 inch wide.


This ‘wrinkle’ was actually a happy accident — which happens to me quite often to be honest !

Because I was using a liquid medium mixed into the paint and different viscosities of paints and inks some of which sink and some tend to float in the medium the centre of this piece was taking longer to dry right through. I was not aware that the centre of the painting was still tacky and wet and so I propped the painting up to make room in my garage. The next day the ‘wrinkle’ appeared – and I loved it !! I’ve tried to replicate this accident a couple of times in other work – to no avail. Hence a  very unique Wrinkle in Time.

Price includes the frame  but if you’d prefer the painting unframed this can be easily arranged.

Project Details

  • Canvas panel

  • Mixed acrylic paints and metallics

  • 90cm(W) x 59cm(H)

  • $355.00