Twin Peaks

This one-off creation actually came joint 3rd in a local exhibition – The Emerging Artist Awards held annually at The Upstairs Art Gallery. I have been a member of that gallery for many years but that was the first time I entered that awards expo — very glad I did.

This was created with copper and grey watercolour paints on top grade watercolour  paper which I texturised with moulding paste with a palette knife. The white paste did not show up on the paper whilst I was applying it so I really went with my intuition on how it was going to turn out.  When I applied the watercolours to the surface it bled through the textures of the paste in a different manner than to the paper creating these very unusual ‘bleeds’ and ‘bursts’. I also then worked behind the ‘peaks’ as I call them with a deep rich purple oil colour and also high-lighted the peaks with white oil paint.

I had  the artwork framed with a subtle grey grey frame to bring out the neutral tones in the piece. Price includes the frame and glass protector.

Project Details

  • watercolour paper - 300gsm

  • Watercolours on moulding paste and oil paints.

  • 85cm(W) x 66cm(H)

  • $ 850